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Veeper K-pop NFT collection

How do I get them?

This is a short introduction to how you can buy Veeper K-pop NFT Collection from Random Earth.

Please note that this is a knowledge share and Veeper is not responsible for any crypto currency purchases or transfers.

Where to buy $LUNA

Terra ($LUNA) is the cryptocurrency used to buy Veeper K-pop NFT collection.

Go to a cryptocurrency exchange that supports $LUNAs like Binance or KuCoin

How to set up a Terra Wallet

Terra station is the web extension / app used to store $LUNAs

Terra Station Google Chrome Extension (English).png
Terra Station Wallet App.png
  • Open the extension:

    • If this is your first time setting up the wallet, click "New Wallet"​

      • Enter in the desired user name and password, and write down your seed phrase and keep it somewhere safe to access your wallet in the future. A seed phrase is a series of randomly generated words associated with your wallet.

    • If you already have a wallet, click "Recover existing wallet"​​

      • Enter in your username, password, and seed phrase to access your wallet.

  • Deposit $LUNA to your terra station wallet​​​

    • Send $LUNA to your wallet (copy and paste the wallet address found at the top of the Google Chrome extension)​

    • Important: We recommend sending the minimal amount of $LUNA to your wallet at first to test that it's working properly.

Veeper K-pop Collection (Connect Wallet).png

How to buy Veeper NFT Collection

  • Go to the Veeper K-pop collection on Random Earth

  • Connect your wallet

    • Click “Connect Wallet” (top right corner) > Click “Connect with Chrome Extension”

  • Now you’re ready to buy from the Veeper K-Pop collection!

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